GUIDE – Bastard 7″


GUIDE – Bastard 7”

Really, it is as simple as short, fast and loud on this release by this four piece from Tennessee. Guide supplies the masses with six blazing fast songs that clock in less than nine minutes, maybe even closer to eight. The first song “Thong Song” is less than a half minute long, a bit shorter than Sisqo’s.  These guys are a mix of Grindcore, Power-violence and Thrash that is all saturated with an ultra-heavy dosage of Hardcore Punk. You can hear the vocalists pipes start to crack and shred as he delivers his lyrics in what can best described as a pissed off vocal lashing. This seven inch has a lot of cool tempo changes in the right places. They pull off their sound without getting bogged down in technical crap. Not that it is simplistic in the least. It is just bam, bam, bam, one hectic song after another. Each cut has its own signature of driving intensity, “Jaws” being my favorite with its cool guitar hook that leads through the slow part (which there aren’t a lot of) in the first half of the song. It reminds me of some old 80’s Hardcore band but then it is like the needle skips into some modern snare driven crazy thrash attack. But the needle didn’t skip it is just the breakneck speed of this record. The best comparison I could come up with to help you understand what my external auditory canal is picking up is Bl’ast on speed. At times some of it does get a little sloppy and it does seem a pinch out of tune in places. That rawness has its proper place but I can’t help to wonder what these guys would sound like with a little bit better production. Guide’s frantic energy seems like it would make for a great live act to catch. The cover features some unique elephant illustrations and that actual packaging is really cool. The way it is glued together provides a nifty extra little flap. Speaking of extras, this 7” comes with a download card that gives you an extra song. Nice little bonus. The only downside is wish it came with lyrics so I could read along. (Attucks)




~ by thrashpunx on September 22, 2012.

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