Captain Ken sez…Vote


Why Punks should Vote.

Too busy to read it all:

  • Yes, go vote.  Presidential elections change very little in our daily lives but your voice should be heard.
  • Also if you vote in local elections your daily life can be greatly affected.

I’ve heard it a million times, and believed it when I was younger: “If voting changed anything it would be illegal.”

Parts of that are true.  Government changes slowly if at all and the people with money buy political influence, so yeah voting doesn’t have that big of an effect.

However it’s this idea that got us into our current situation.  It is complicity that has allowed lobbyist to come in and take over.  Voting might not have as much influence as taking your cause to the streets, but in the eyes of the policy makers if you don’t vote you don’t matter.  And we have to matter.

The reason lobbyists have so much control right now is because the average voter turnout rate is less than 50%.  With only 50% of the population voting there is a vacuum that is left behind currently filled by lobbyists and multinational corporations.  In Australia there is an average 80-85 percent voter turnout and that has allowed the populace to maintain some control over their government.  There is a big difference in the lobbying processes between the US and Australia.  Much of that has to do with the people being active not on regulation.

Recently there is a big push by right-wing baggers to suppress voter rights, including deleting 80,000 Texas voter registrations because they were assumed to be dead.  The problem is they aren’t dead.  In addition to these outright efforts to suppress voter rights, there are many smaller efforts to suppress voter turnout in minority areas.  The right to vote should never be taken for granted, and it should be a high priority for punks vote, vote consistently, and vote for those who have been suppressed.   There’s voter suppression underway so we should stand up and vote for them and for ourselves. For all of our friends locked up who can’t have a say, we should vote on their behalf.  For everyone who has been told that they need some strange form of ID to vote, or that their registration has been deleted because the state thought they were dead.  For them we should vote.  And for ourselves we should vote.  I don’t care that much about whose president but I do care who they pick to be FBI chief, I do care if marihuana will be legalized.  We are care if taxes are used to build libraries or if it’s used to start wars.  So really we do care and we do have an opinion.

We have to have a voice.  We have to use that voice to speak for what we want, and we have to speak for others who are in jail or have been pushed to the side by the government. Voting is easy there is no real drawback.   (Captain Ken)


~ by thrashpunx on September 22, 2012.

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  1. Totally agree. Well put.

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