WEAPONIZER…Warbastard, Human Sewer, and other ditties to hum along with…



WEAPONIZER makes no bones about it, but they sure do crack some bones!  They know what they want and they deliver.  They proudly wear their influences on their snot encrusted sleeves and pay tribute to metal godz such as KREATOR, SODOM, VENOM and HELLBASTARD.  When appealing sacrifices are made on the bloody altar of metal the dark lords grant you the power to play dirty, blackened, stench ridden metal.  WEAPONIZER pound it out in classic style that at times is loose thrash or crusty, punkish, black metal and always sick as fuck.  Like maybe literally ill, the vocals sound like a guest spot from some poor soul doing time in the cancer ward.  The production is perfect for this type of music in that it is clear enough to hear the instruments distinctly but has that loose punk feeling and is just dirty and ugly enough that this could have easily been explained as the lost tapes of a time-lost German thrash band from 86 or something.  Song titles such ‘Threatener’, ‘I, Weopinzer’, and ‘Warbastard’, let you know exactly where we stand here, these fools don’t fool around when it comes to sadistic and punishing metal.  The cover art is especially bad ass, perfect for t-shirts.  The artist that whipped up this vision of an apocalyptic, Road Warrior styled rocker is Stiv who has done artwork for DETONIZE and VISIONS of WAR as well has numerous other punk and crust bands.  To wrap it up these guys kick ass and they rule live.  Download or get the CD.  Whatever floats your boat. (Josh Mosh)



~ by thrashpunx on September 16, 2012.

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