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Yeah, Yeah…I know this came out last year, but I just finally got a copy so fuck off.  These French dudes certainly know how to rip it up when it comes to bashing out a few raw scandi-style d-beat tracks.  This is a real killer.  I love the guitar tones and the way the guitars are layered on top of one another to give more dimension without becoming wanky.  Intensity is definitely set to eleven by the vocals which are raw and urgent while attacking the modern world and the overall fleeting nature of life.  If you are into TOTALITAR or DISFEAR then you will love this.  Mines on pretty clear yellow vinyl.

(Solar Funeral)





These guys are new to me and the strange artwork on this EP gives me few clues as to what they are all about.  They hail from the Bay area but the reverb and distortion soaked vocals recall recent Spanish bands like INVASION.  This is a noisy record to be sure, with lots of piercing guitars, but the three tracks here are raging and when they fall  momentarily into some riffing you can tell its not just another noise-core record without structure.  It took me a few listens to really get this one under my skin but it really comes alive the more you listen.  The sound is raw and a bit thin but I hear it is a much better recording than their first 7” and it works here just fine.  A volatile mixture of japanese, spanish and classic italian hardcore styles that explodes in your face.  I really would like to see this band live.  You can tell it would be great.


~ by thrashpunx on September 8, 2012.

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