SHORT CHANGED has been holding down Bay Area Punk Rock for some time now.  With numerous releases under their belts this is their second for long running label Rodent Popsicle.  While we are on that subject, let’s give a shout out to Bill from RP for keeping it real for so many years!  Cheers!  The band’s second for RP, but their first release to feature new vocalist Hekka Bekka.  Maybe the change in singers called forth a greater effort from everyone because this is by far SHORT CHANGED’s finest release.  It sees the band being less spastic and more on their game.  And their game is serious, ass kicking hardcore punk with a fine layer of crust.  The band seems to have really gelled and everyone seems to really fit into their role well.  I have never seen the band live but have met about everyone in the band on my travels to the Haz Mat (RIP) warehouse in Oakland.  Although most of us really love the chaos and spontaneity of Punk Rock, there is nothing that compares to a band that keeps that alive but has the tightness of a well-oiled, yet seasoned unit.  SHORT CHANGED has made the move from scrappy local band to contenders on the national and even international scenes.  Having a release this solid demands that they venture inland and say good-bye to the coast for a few weeks to give some of us land lubbers a piece of their action.  What I am saying is they need to get in the van and bring their punk to some of their interior states.  Fuck yeah!  The song ‘Punk With an X’ seems to be a reworked version of ‘X Marks the Spark’, the song by this band that originally caught my attention years back on their Myspace page.  And…Hold on to your mohawks…They do a fucken’ A primo cover of SEPULTURA’s ‘Refuse/Resist’ that had me headbanging and stomping around mosh mad crazy!  \m/  Lets end this review with a shout out Jeff Leppard (RIP) who was behind the controls for the recording of this slab of Punk FUCKEN’ Rock!   (Josh Mosh)

~ by thrashpunx on September 8, 2012.

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