The Lesser of 2 Evils is Still Evil…




This was on a friends Facebook page.  I thought it was well written and informative so I asked his permission to reprint it.  I’d like to add that most of the “Anarchist Violence” at these political rallies is the work of agent provocateurs.  This is a tactic of the establishment that goes as far back as time used to blemish and criminalize anarchist theory and belief.  While, most often, anarchists practice peaceful protest these intruders try to stir up the shit so to speak.  I included a video at the bottom that ousts a few of these cowards at a protest in 2009   –  Josh Mosh






A little political rant before I go eat tea and biscuits. Dear CNNand Fox News and the idiots that listen and buy their propaganda bullshit. I am an Anarchist and it quite offends me how your networks like to use Anarchism in your sensationalism of news stories. Particularly when you have no actual clue as to what an Anarchist theory is or what Anarchist believe in. You probably didn’t know that when the Republican party first organized there were quite a number of Anarchists and Communists in its original ranks.

Yes, when the Republican Party was founded, it had a strong leftwing influence. You had the “Free Soilers”, who were both anti-slavery and pro-labor, whose slogan was, “Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men!” You also had the “Red ’48ers” — European, mostly German, immigrants who had fled after the failures of the democratic revolutions of 1848.

Within the German communities that flocked to the Republican Party, you also had former members of the Communist League. On the one hand, you had the surviving members of the American Communities (akin to Locals) of the League, and on the other hand, you had the post-1848 exiles, such as Weydemeyer, Willich, Sorge, Schurz and Sigel (all of whom played key roles during the American Civil War).

Within the Republican Party, two self-described communist organizations operated. The first, the American Workers League, was formed in 1852 by Weydemeyer and Sorge, and pre-dated the Republican Party. It maintained an “inside-outside” approach to the Party. In 1858, the Club of Communists was formed by “Red Republicans”, including the remaining members of the AWL inside the party, to further the influence of revolutionary ideas among Republicans. The CofC went on to include in its ranks a number of well-known people of their time: Wendell Phillips, Horace Greeley, U.S. Senators Charles Sumner and Benjamin Wade, etc. After the Civil War, the CofC became the first U.S. affiliate of the International Working Men’s Association.

It wasn’t until the early 1870s that the last of the communists and socialists withdrew from the Republican Party, working mostly in the American Labor Union and localized pro-labor parties. It was not until 1876 that the first independent workers’ political party appeared on the scene: the Workingmen’s Party of the U.S. A year (and a Great Strike and short-lived workers’ government) later, the WPUS changed its name to the Socialistic Labor Party (shortened a couple years after that to just “Socialist Labor Party”).

Little how so-called Republicans know about their own party.

But I regress, the current state of American politics in the eyes of most Anarchists is reminiscent of a dog chasing its tail. Except that when the dog catches his tail he’s smart enough to let go. The current status quo is literally quite content to devour itself. I don’t speak for all Anarchists but I believe those sentiments comes pretty close to a general feeling among those that would describe themselves as Anarchist.

And though the platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties are repulsive to Anarchist thought on ethical principle alone the thought of engaging in a process that demands to pick the lesser of two evils is beyond moralistic comprehension to say the very least. What the hell is wrong with choosing a path that is just and fair for everybody? What the fuck is wrong with just deciding to do what the fuck is right and not what we supposedly free-willed Humans are forced to accept? Why the fuck is that so goddamn hard for the majority of not only America but the World to see?

I don’t know either. I still believe in what I wrote about 7 years ago that the majority of people respond to politics the way most people respond to an abusive partner or a bad relationship. And that’s by loving it more as though all the problems were their fault and that if they just submit more everything will be fine. America get the fuck off your knees you deserve better so speak up and demand it already. We’re not a fucking third world country but if you don’t rise we will be. No matter what party you keep putting in office. Because at the end of the day you’re settling for evil. It may be a lesser evil but goddamn it’s still fucking evil.

So no in the end Anarchists agenda is not going to RNC or DNC to disrupt it with violence. Why would it be? Why would Anarchist thought be to cause a small disturbance when the American political status quo is crumbling upon itself before our very eyes. And there is not a thing either party can do about because the issues are bigger than both. The Republican Party talks about Abortion and Gay Marriages as if that’s American’s number one priority right now and the biggest goal they’ve had for the last for years was not helping do anything that would move the country forward but their priority was getting Obama out of office by any means necessary. Not what they were voted by you to do. They play games while the world is burning. Anarchists for the most part are more content to political systems fail. Not prop them up or give them the illusion that they are actually god forbid needed.

It’s almost to laughable this assertion of “Anarchist violence” at RNC. Let’s face it the police have been brought in only for intimidation purposes to instill fear into peaceful protesters and obey the process. Meanwhile it politics as usual and more of the same for the next four years regardless of party affiliation in the White House. However time and time again police infiltrators have been “outed” at several high profile protest in recent years as the ones actually instigating violence. But so far it seems the only violence being recorded is by Republican convention goers themselves.

Sorry pal but there are a lot better things to do then cause an insignificant ruckus at RNC that will be forgotten by the general public by the time the next episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is aired. So keep to the facts that you actually know and that should cut your airtime down to about 30 minutes a day. Because you know shite.


During the G20 summit held in Pittsburgh on Sept 24-26, several agent provocateurs of unknown sponsorship blended in among legitimate non-violent protestors. These hired thugs committed concerted efforts to provoke the police by damaging property and by lunging projectiles at public servants. As clearly shown in this video, three agents of unknown origin were quickly denounced by the legitimate stream of protestors.



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