new CLUSTERFUX lp and PROFANE bundle!

New CLUSTERFUX “Abandon Your Gods” 
LP Bundle Available Now


The Clusterfux LP bundle will get you the NEW Clusterfux LP “Abandon Your Gods” plus your choice of 2 other Profane Existence LP’s. We just got a small handful of these records. Get one before they are gone!!! You will not be disappointed.


“CLUSTERFUX was active from 1995 until March of 2011 and features long time Profane Existence columnist Josh Mosh on vocals. They recently reformed and released the new hard hitting LP “Abandon Your Gods”. CLUSTERFUX are Denver’s longest running punk band and over their years had completed several tours, released a pile of records, and played with everyone from CONFLICT, the EXPLOITED, SUBHUMANS, and DRI, to STORMCROW, DROPDEAD, PHOBIA and plenty more. The band fused thrash and crust in a unique punk rock molotov-cocktail. The artwork was done by Brain D’Agosta who has also done some recent stuff for MISERY, POLICE BASTARD and WAR//PLAGUE.” –


~ by thrashpunx on August 16, 2012.

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