More Wax! More Rex! Val sums it up…

So here are a few more platters that deserve a note that I have picked up recently…


Totally gnarly sludge metal from these nice Australian chaps.  Super slow and heavy and absolutely seething with pent up frustration.  Uber-guttural vocals and dirty sounding guitars pounding out slow gloom and doom with an underlying noisey-ness that makes this seem even more intense.  Done with intent and purpose.  Not my usual thing but they were so good at Chaos in Tejas this year that I had to pick one up.

(At A Loss Recordings)


BLOODY PHOENIX play some super speedy crusty grindcore hammered out with fervor and passion.  Definitely brings DISRUPT or even more accurately, EXCREMENT OF WAR to mind and with only 3 songs, I was wanting more. BLOODY PHOENIX hails from L.A. and has members that came out of EXCRUCIATING TERROR.

QUESTION have more of a 90’s crust punk sort of sound.  NAUSEA is an obvious comparison but DETESTATION also comes to mind (which makes sense cause this is the same girl on vox.  But this has a more raucous sound to it.  More chaotic, crazy and violent.  Sounds like punks trashing a Minneapolis house party (in a good way).  Great split where the two sides compliment each other without sounding too similar.

(Six Weeks)


3 way split with MAUSER, D-CLONE and FOLKEIIS that give a taste of the 2012 tour of Japan they all undertook together.  MAUSER always satisfies and the 2 tracks they provide are just as rampaging as you would expect from these d-beat masters.  D-CLONE erupt with their own version of noisy Japanese d-beat that cranks everything up to eleven.  Distorted and lo-fi with a bass sound that is so threatening as almost be criminal.  Absolutely killer in its savage simplicity. But its Japan’s FOLKEIIS that really gets me going on this one.  Fully-blown out sound like you might expect but this has really cool metallic riffing and a song structure that really draws you in.  Totally Bitchen.  Get this.

(Hardcore Survives)


Oh Boy!!!  One of my fave bands is at it again.  Vicious and savage crust-core that brings back DISRUPT and ENT. I really like the diversity of subjects that their songs address: Debt Slavery, Forced Insecurity, Post-Traumatic stress, and Western Privilege.  Just what you would expect from these Vancouver dudes only tighter and gnarlier.  Dirty and raw but with a clear production sound.  Highly Recommended to all.  Cool Orange vinyl and super size poster.

(Haunted Hotel)

ZYANOSE – Noise Philia 2005 -2011

This was a special “Chaos in Tejas” edition complete with obi strip that compiles the ZYANOSE output of DISORDER inspired noise core so far.  Demo tracks, 7” tracks and comp tracks.  Japanese noise punks rampaging their way thru over blown out chaotic hardcore punk.  This is the kind of thing that I prefer in smaller doses, like on a compilation, instead of an LP’s worth of noisy material at once.  Though I gotta say that they were pretty rad when seeing them live.

(Zyanose self-released)

EFFLUXUS – Life Destruktion 12” EP

San-Francisco has a long history of great bands and now we can add EFFLUXUS to that roster.  Gnarly and fast. Lots of reverb on the vox. It definitely has a 1985 UK hardcore vibe that I really go for and is just noisy enough.  Makes me think of AOA but with a more blown out sound.  But this has strong songs that hold it all up and make you just want to keep listening.  The lyrics are super simplistic but this thrashes enough to make up for it.

(Rust and Machine)

NU-KLE-ER BLAST SUNTAN – The Wheel Of Fate Is Turning 7” EP

HOLY SHIT!!! – This is so rad!!!  The basslines are so fast that they make this whole recording swirl and blur kinda like those few moments when you are so drunk that everything starts to spin and you know you are gonna puke.  Disorienting in a way but not in a sloppy way nor does it distract from the point.  These songs are really interesting and pulsate with a noisy chaotic core that gives it all of its (almost psychedelic) power.  Its got a lot of notes without being “technical” just super intense.  Gnarled vocals and crazed guitars all wailing on top of one another.  I fuckin love this one.  Top ten material for me this year.  Can’t wait to hear more.  Also has a cool cover with some slathering hounds of Hades just to add to the already over the top release.



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