PHOBIA – Remnants of Filth…THIS RULES!


PHOBIA  – Remnants of Filth

There is MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, SLAYER, etc…You know what you are going to get when you buy an album from these artists.  They don’t stray very far from the formula and some of the albums are better than others, while occasionally they capture sheer genius.  Unfortunately for these bands it seems the years of genius are far behind.  Whereas a band like KREATOR has just released what is arguably their best album ever  SLAYERs finest moment was decades ago with ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ and it is doubtful they will ever recapture the magic they found with that album.

PHOBIA is one of those bands that don’t stray the course, if it’s not broken don’t fuck with it!  But like KREATOR they are still moving forward and have maybe only recently captured their finest moment with ‘Remnants of Filth’.

Shane and co. are always great at keeping grindcore interesting and adding enough hardcore, punk, and straight up metal to create and exciting listening experience.  The energy on this album is through the fucking roof!  The drums pound you into a bloody mess and while the guitars riff and shred whatever is left of your pathetic hide.

In a recent issue of Decibel Shane explains that although he still wrote much of the music for the album it is the first time he didn’t play any of the music on the recording.  This is also the first recording to introduce CeCe Loessin on guitar.  As mentioned above her playing on this album is fucking ace and is what really propels this album to the forefront of PHOBIA’s extensive library of grind.

Fuck yeah.

(Josh Mosh)


~ by thrashpunx on August 3, 2012.

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