ITS FOR A COP – Double Baco-Cheeseburger CD


So this one time, the most bitchen band ever, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, got all fucked up on speed and weed and watched Super Troopers, then wrote their next Ep and was is the result.  No, of course that’s not really true but it certainly gives you an appropriate reference point for this release from Denver Colorado’s IT’S FOR A COP.  I threw this CD into the player in my truck and was instantly raging along with its perfectly raw musical intensity.  Super tight fast core that flirts at times with grindcore without becoming boring and at other times edging close to mincing power-violence, all to powerful effect.  My copy came without a cover or any artwork, just a handwritten tracklist that I hadn’t really looked at too carefully so it took me a few tracks to realize that these guys really love some tongue-in-cheek humor and for them none is better than the aforementioned comedy masterpiece – Super Troopers.  Every song references the movie in some way as far as I can tell.  Now usually I don’t really appreciate my punk/grind/metal etc with too much humor in it.  Typically it comes off as cheesy and stupid, kinda like M.O.D. or something.  If the band can’t take anything seriously, then I have a hard time taking them seriously, on any level.  Of course there are exceptions to that and this is most definitely one cause the sound of this is not in any way compromised by the humor that they have injected.  Hyper-thrashy with interesting riffs, rock solid drumming, and vocals that again evoke Retrobution-era E.N.T. mixed with DYSTOPIA.  There is a lot of variety in the textures of the different vocalists and the riffs are super punchy too, both of which keep this from ever sounding at all repetitive.  The guitars are way up front in the mix and that sounds rad but you can tell there is more going on with the drums than you can effectively hear but it still works out in the end.  There are samples-a-plenty too which, even though they are funny, don’t detract from the sheer brutality of this.  Balance perfectly achieved.

Eleven songs that clock in at just around 12 minutes total means that these guys never wander and plod along aimlessly.  They are here to fucking shred and thats just what they do.  I think that Captain O’Hagan would be proud of these troopers.



~ by thrashpunx on July 26, 2012.

One Response to “ITS FOR A COP – Double Baco-Cheeseburger CD”

  1. Dude, these guys fucking rule. The CD I have is only 8 songs and its self-titled. Would love to hear this one.

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