AGNOSTIC FRONT new video actually has something to say…

I’ve had a soft spot for AGNOSTIC FRONT since the ‘Victim in Pain’ album.   In the 90’s they embarrassingly went for more of a RANCID influenced sound, perhaps in an effort to grab some of that cash that was being handed out to “punk” bands at the time.  The sad thing was some of the legends (Cricle Jerks) thought they had paid their dues and were owed cash money subsequently releasing shitty more consumer friendly records.

AF are generally not known for real thought provoking lyrics.  They generally sing about how they have each other’s back, have been stabbed in the back, are from NYC and are Hardcore.  But, occasionally they put on their thinking caps and give us something with a little more substance.

This video caught my attention, I was glad to see a band as popular as AF get behind the Occupy Movement and display that they have some understanding and concern for things bigger than the Hardcore scene.  Check out the video below.  Share your thoughts, I’m interested in your feedback…

Oh…and here is an explanation of the song as offered by lead vocalist and AF main man Roger Miret that I lifted from Blabbermouth:

Commented AGNOSTIC FRONT singer Roger Miret: “In these indecisive times, ‘Us Against The World’ isn’t about USA vs. the rest of the world. It’s about the ‘powers that be’ vs. ‘the everyman.’ We love our country, and want to shed light on the issues that plague our great nation, (and other nations around the world facing the same problems) while also commending the people with the guts to stand up and do something about it while facing adversity at every turn. Sometimes it can feel like it’s ‘Us Against The World.'”

~ by thrashpunx on July 26, 2012.

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