FUCKTARD – Corporate Rats

FUCKTARD- Corporate Rats C.D.

Oakland’s Fucktard is a breath of fresh air that is long over do in a landscape of overly heavy, blown out music. So many bands just grind it out and forget how great good old punk rock is. As soon as I threw this on The Dicks came instantly to mind, maybe the Dicks mixed with “In God We Trust Inc.” era Dead Kennedys but with less warble.  The first couple of songs really kick in with good intensity then Fucktard slows it down for the dirge Crack Baby. This song proves what I am saying!!! Someone could have given me this C.D. and told me it was some long lost old American political punk band from the eighties and I would have believed them for sure. It’s the feel of the recording, the way the guitar plays around the driving bass lines and the way the vocals express feeling. The words that are spat forward, are sang in droning manner than seems to boil over the top and screech out at the most important parts in the song. To write and pull lyrics off like this takes a certain type of intelligent but maniacal individual.  That type of person is hard to acquire for a band, especially if you don’t want them going the typical cookie monster route. John the Baker’s subject matter is obviously political but with a very personal feel, calling out specific people’s names and referring to real life instances. I read in an urban dictionary that the meaning of Fucktard is a person of unbelievable, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity. This doesn’t reflect the nature of the band, rather who they sing about. That comes across with songs like Get Out of My Face, Century 21 Scum or Cops are Fucking Little Girls, which I read has to do with the exposing of cops who were molesting underage girls at Woodstock 94’. The great thing about true punk rock is that its relevance is never lost. These guys prove that fact here by supplying us with super catchy riffs, pertinent lyrics and a crazy energy that makes this 7 song disc a killer score. Live these guys nail it as well, I only got to see them once and they were able to hold the crowd and rock the house even though they and their songs were unknown. Check the free download at reverbnation .com!  Look forward to hearing more. (Attucks)


or download here: http://downloads.tankcrimes.com/album/corporate-rats



~ by thrashpunx on July 12, 2012.

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