Cro-Mags – The Age of Squabble (Harley goes ape-shit and stabs band!)

If you follow the Cro-Mags and their chaotic history you already know there is bad blood between John Joseph and Harley Flanagan (founding member, former bass player).  Harley had even turned John in to the authorities at one point for being AWOL from the Navy.  There were years of band squabbles and figurative back stabbings, usually directed at JJ from the hands of Harley.  You really have to only watch an interview or two with Harley to see that he is downright fucking bat shit crazy.  Read John Joseph’s book and you will get all the dirt on the rift between these two dudes.

So that takes us to the current situation where figures of speech are tossed aside and this tosser (Flanagan) decides to march into Webster Hall (where VOD, Cro-Mags, and SICK OF IT ALL were playing last night) and stab up some fools.  Yup, he barged his way right into the VIP area and sliced up current bassist Mike Couls  and another bloke before being pummeled by a grip of tough-guy hardcore types, venue security and finally the NYPD.   It seems Flanagan even got his leg broken in the melee!

Off to Riker’s with that douche bag!

The New York Post has the most detailed re-cap of the event and it can be seen here.

I’ve the seen the Flanagan version of the Cro-Mags minus John Joseph and they sucked.  I’ve also see the current version of the band with John Joseph and Paris Mayhew and…they kicked ass.  It  was one of the most intense shows I have ever been to.

Here’s a video I took of that show, I get taken’ out by a stage diver.  Otherwise the video isn’t that great.

Here is the classic video for ‘We Gotta Know’.  (Note – You can see the crazy in Flanagan’s eye way back then even…)

Interview with Flanagan from his own DVD

~ by thrashpunx on July 7, 2012.

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