Val’s record haul from Chaos In Tejas


ANTISECT – Tour 10”…..Wow.  Who woulda thought that there would be a new recording by ANTISECT?  But here it is and it comes without any cover at all.  Just a plain black inner sleeve.  There is a printed note from the band, questioning just where punk stands in the second decade of the 21st century (amongst other things), that was being passed out at the shows, or given out with the records at the stall which seems a pretty bold thing to do these days and my hats off to them.  But we are talking about ANTISECT.  These guys never were just in it for the music and it certainly seems that they have re-emerged with their ideals firmly intact.  I actually felt pretty self indulgent just being there (but I always kinda feel that way when i’m there).  They still have a way of making me re-examine my own life.  What else can I do to effect change?  Are we our own worst enemy?  Maybe I should have spent my money on something more influential than going to a festival!  I guess that ANTISECT is still being able to challenge my thinking after over 20 years!   Two songs, Four Minutes Past Midnight and Out From The Void Part 2 are both old songs given a fresh treatment.  Four Minutes is an unreleased track from 1982 but was a staple of their live sets and here it sounds rich and deliberate, powerful and sharp.  Out From The Void Part 2 was written to be included on the New Dark Ages LP (but you know that story already) and is perfectly reinvented as you might expect.  Absolutely killer chugging guitars, super tight bass and precision drums make this sound like it was just written yesterday.  These veterans just want people to care more, for our lives to make a difference, and for the world to be a better place when we leave it, and I am right there with them.   Truly an inspiring band and a powerful record to boot.


FRENZY – Noizey Trouble 7”…. Yeah!!  Totally over the top frantic noise worship that evokes the chaos of DISORDER right down to the silly punky drawings on the cover, but make no mistake, this is unique and somehow modern in its own ways too.  Great riffs, pounding floor toms, perfect vocals and a weird phaser thrown in for good measure. Tie a black shoestring around your head and pray at the altar of FRENZY!  Get this one from Skell at DISTORT REALITY.


REALITY CRISIS – Sound of Destruction 7”…These Japanese crashers just about stole the show the first night of chaos in tejas this year. Totally out of control hardcore punk with just enough killer riffage and sing along parts to hold it together.  Still kicking myself for not picking up more from these guys.  This EP just seethes with power!  Comes with beautiful cover that evokes SDS with red foil lettering too.  Absolutely recommended!!


PARASITE / VERMAPYRE split 7”…Brandon from Deathraid played PARASITE for me once and I’ve been looking for some ever since.  Dark Japanese HC a la M.A.N. era GISM but with even a little more metallic edge to it.  VERMAPYRE is a much more confusing entity that describes itself as “black creole coven noise”.  Dark and evil but its hard to tell where its really going.


SISTA KRIGET – 8 Track Horror 7”….This Swedish outfit just rampages from start to finish with ANTI CIMEX style hardcore punk with no filler.   And its on cool looking olive drab colored wax.  Find one….


LOST TRIBE – Unsound 7”….Creepy post-punk/post-deathrock kind of stuff with haunting synthesizer over interesting guitars and moody mid tempo drumming…Richmond VA must have something in the water these days.  Imagine WIPERS and BAUHAUS meets Dance with Me era TSOL.  Also on DISTORT REALITY which has been one of my fave labels for the past year or more.  Not for everyone for sure, but I like it a lot!


MAUSER – Isolation 12”EP….Holy Shit!  Complete fucking auditory butchery!  These D-Beat lovers just continue to hone their skills and this release is simply savage.  Killer sound without being too modern or big.  Drums that strain at the leash, guitars that are noisy but still willing to dive into meaty hooks and then there are the vocals….chaotic and reverby but not too pushed forward in the mix.  I love this one.  Stop reading and find a copy now.


SKIZOPHRENIA – This Fucking SKIZOPHRENIA! Still a RAPED ASS 7”….This one just about fooled me into thinking it was so low-fi as to be beyond my tastes but then after about 10 seconds it kicks in full tilt and is just what you would hope from these Japanese punks.  Super fast raw riffing, fun sing along choruses, frantic drums and throbbing bass…….it all adds up to a killer release from an especially energetic band.


plus I found some killer reissues like KURO, GAUZE, EXIT CONDITION, and as well as some long sought after originals like RATTUS, THE DEPRAVED, THE STALIN, ANTI-CIMEX,  UPRIGHT CITIZENS, FINAL CONFLICT and more….yup, i’m livin’ the dream.

Watch for part 2 with more shorty reviews of WHITEHORSE, DEVIATED INSTINCT, MASSGRAVE, BLOODY PHOENIX and more…….. (Val)

~ by thrashpunx on June 30, 2012.

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