MIDNIGHT has no curfew! Just ROCK \m/


MIDNIGHT – Satanic Royalty

MIDNIGHT is more VENOM than VENOM is these days.  That last VENOM album kind of sucked, don’t ever remember what it was called and don’t feel like spending the energy to look it up.  MIDNIGHT worships at the blood stained altar of VENOM’s scrappy thrash even as it gives way to loosened, dirty, sped up, rock n’ roll.  And we know where that takes us…enter MOTORHEAD.  The band plays with a punk rock looseness that keeps them from being taken too seriously with tales of Satan and sex.  Every song is filled with hooks galore allowing them to embed themselves into your brain like maggots in rotting flesh.  This one blasts right out the gates (of hell) with the title track and then without distraction into one of my favorite tracks on the album ‘You Can’t Stop Steel’.  ‘Lust, Filth, and Sleaze’ is not only one of the strongest tracks on the album it seems to also be a crowd favorite with the sing along chorus demanding that you put your horns in the air and shout along with everyone else in the sweat and stink filled room.  It would be easy to really criticize MIDNIGHT and their pseudo-Satanic brand of punk-thrash in that it doesn’t have staying power, that they are just another TOXIC HOLOCAUST miming VENOM clone, that they don’t have the right brand of underwear or that the cloth that their hoods are made from was stitched by child laborers in the ghettos of Grand Junction…Whatever…This album is more fun than a meth party with Wattie.  Put your fist in the air, bang your head and give me “Lust,filth and Sleaze!”. (Josh Mosh)


~ by thrashpunx on June 23, 2012.

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