EXTINCTION OF MANKIND…Birth of a website…

I love this band! They are the perfect blend of punk and metal with the end result being the model to which all crust punk should be measured. Release after release they never fail to produce headbanging, fist-pumping, circle pitting punk rock that stokes me beyond my ability to articulate! I’ve never gotten to see EOM, maybe someday I will. Until then their records and CDs will forever spin in my home and blast from my iPod while I cruise in my truck and I will proudly sport my two EOM shirts as I parade amongst society. Extinction of Mankind rules!

Oh…But the point of this was that they have a new website…Check it out and spread the word.


And watch this video…

~ by thrashpunx on June 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “EXTINCTION OF MANKIND…Birth of a website…”

  1. Thanks for the post and spreading the word but the link you have provided does not work with the /online part at the end.


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