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SPEED \ KILL / HATE – Out For Blood CD

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I don’t think that anyone would bother to argue against that the last few OVERKILL albums have been the best stuff they have done since the early 90’s.  In fact ‘Ironbound’ and ‘The Electric Age’ are right up there with the classics of yore.  Those two albums have really recaptured the thrash metal glory and power that OVERKILL once wielded so mightily.

A key ingredient to the new life OVERKILL has found is the guitar duo of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer.  And that is the segue to SPEED KILL HATE.  Dave Linsk moonlights as lead axeman for this New Jersey powerhouse of a thrash metal band.

If Dave’s axe work is of sheer brilliance with OVERKILL it is with SKH that he truly lets it rip with no holds barred.  OVERKILL has a certain sound that must be maintained and reckless abandon might not be what Blitz and Verni have in mind.  With SKH Dave really lets it fly exposing himself for the mad shredder that he really is.  I am sure we agree that he is magnificent with OVERKILL, but with OVERKILL he seems somewhat tamed compared to what he is doing here.  Here is totally unrestrained and just fucking goes for it!  It’s really fun to hear a guitar player just rip it up like that.  Fuck Yeah!

SKH play somewhat modern thrash that borrows as much from SLAYER and EXODUS as they do LAMB OF GOD.  And with that they are able to sound fresh and powerful and note “retro”.  The arrangements and time changes really bring to mind more modern SLAYER.  Again, you can tell where their roots are but it is encouraging to hear they are not stuck in the past and like OVERKILL have found a way to push thrash forward.  Not that SKH sound anything like DEATH ANGEL, I’d just like to note that DEATH ANGEL is another band that has been successful with pushing thrash forward.  In fact, I might their more recent stuff better than their older stuff.  Am I wrong for saying that?

The anger Bob Barnak’s vocals burns with the heat of 1000 suns.  His vocal style is the offspring of an unholy trinity of Rob Dukes, Randy Blythe and Phil Anselmo.  His vocals are thing and full of rage while being completely intelligible.  There is somewhat of an East Coast hardcore snarl in there as well.

I think you get the picture that this is serious, hate fueled modern thrash that will bludgeon your pathetic ass.

Although the lyrics, if taken straight forward, seem like a pointed, violent attack I sense they are deeper and represent some self-reflection as well.  They speak of social injustices but may also serve as reminders to one’s self to not give in, to join the sheeple, to not fall prey to the power elite or ignorance and intolerance that mankind is so plagued with.

A solid effort from a solid band.  Word. (JoshMosh)

~ by thrashpunx on June 8, 2012.

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