Aside from amazing bands from all over the world, the largest punk fest in the United States is also home to a dozen distros and a few records swaps.  If you look hard enough and get up early enough you can find just about anything you are looking for.  Here is what I picked up this year:

BURNT CROSS  – Break the Law Not the Poor 7” (Anarcho-punk from the UK.  Haven’t  heard them yet but have heard good things about them.  I recall reading an interview with them in PE or MRR a while back.)

DEATH EVOCATION 7” (This was one of the surprise bands from the fest.  I had never heard of them before seeing them live.  With female lead vocals echoing with strong reverb they were very much in the Sacrilege / After the Bombs vein.)

AXIOM – Establishing a Culture of Resistance 7” (Hard hitting crust from the North West)

REALITY CRISIS – Sound of Destruction 7” (R.C. also played the fest.  With dual vocals they deliver a hardcore, crusty, punk attack.  The Japanese bands know how to get it done and these guys were no exception.)

ACROSTIX –  “Truth Turned Gray With Justice” (I have their LP and they are one of my favorite current Japanese bands  and play thrashy crust inf the vein of SDS)

POWER TRIP s/t 7” (Before heading to the fest I had been told to keep an eye out for these dudes and I caught them with MIDNIGHT and TOXIC HOLOCAUST at Beerland.  They kicked ass!  Total crossover thrash in the vein of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, LEEWAY and EXCEL.  Awesome!)

DEVIATED INSTINCT – Liberty Crawls 12” (The return of the orginal “stenchcore” merchants!  Actually I didn’t buy this there, I ordered it before I left and it was waiting for me when I got home. )

GAUZE – Fuckheads / Equalizing Distort LP (Legendary Japanese hardcore.  This a boot but is really nicely done and sounds great.  It’s on white vinyl and comes with two inserts, one for each title. )

DR. KNOW – Wreckage in the Flesh (Finally!  Been trying to get my hands on this bad boy.  The final, and most metal, LP from this old school California crossover band)

ZYANOSE – Noise Phillia 2005 – 2011 LP (Awesome blown out crust from Japan.   They killed it at Chaos in Tejas!)

FORWARD – Burn Down the Corrupted Justice LP (Another great band from Japan that just ruled at Chaos in Tejas.  Caught them twice even!)

DEADLY REIGN – No End In Sight LP (Holy shit!  These guys delivered a head bashing performance at Beerland during Chaos in Tejas.  Extremely hard hitting crusty hardcore with former members of WB2D and GLYCINE MAX.)

REALITY CRISIS – Scissors for Lunatics, Howling Noise for Us LP (As mentioned above they played in Texas.  Haven’t spun the record yet but they were great live!)

7-SECONDS – Walk Together Rock Together LP (Classic USHC.  Original pressing I believe.)

CONFLICT – the Ungovernable Force LP (My favorite album by this classic anarcho punk band from the UK.  With that being said, I have strangely never owned a real copy of this record.  For ever I have just had a dubbed cassette.  Bout time I remedied that.)

ANTISECT tour 7″ (Holy shit! Only two songs but this kicks ass!  Recorded and mixed the way ANTISECT was meant to sound!  A review on this coming up for sure!)

Whew!  That’s it!  Watch for reviews on the newer titles over the next couple of weeks! (JoshMosh)

~ by thrashpunx on June 7, 2012.

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