DRESDEN needs our help!

It is time to pull together and help out one of the hardest working bands on the US DIY circuit.  DRESDEN had their entire van stolen last night!  All their equipment, their personal shit, and the FRICKEN’ van even!  I cant even imagine the panic and horror that swept through each member of the band as they learned the news.  I almost get that sinking feeling in my gut when I ponder their sense of total loss.  As horrible as this is lets all be thankful they are safe and healthy.  Most of these possessions can be replaced.  See Bitty’s note below for info on how you can help!  PEACE and solidarity! 

Last night in Cleveland Ohio on the DEVIATED INSTINCT / DRESDEN tour my van was stolen along with my trailer and some of my band equipment and everyone’s luggage and personal belongings.  If u can make a donation to help out at all my Paypal email address is pwground@hotmail.com









~ by thrashpunx on May 29, 2012.

One Response to “DRESDEN needs our help!”

  1. […] Here’s the official press release: The band recently endured a devastating setback when the van they are sharing with DRESDEN was robbed several days ago, but both bands have refused to give in and are still out there fighting. Those who wish to lend a hand are welcome to send donations and good wishes via Paypal. […]

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