AUTHOR AND PUNISHER – Free seizures with every purchase!


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At first I thought my speakers were fucking up or my stereo was going on the fritz. It turns out that it is only the first noise of the beginning track, Terrorbird, off of Author and Punisher’s third and newest record.  As soon as the slow pounding drums kick in I am instantly reminded of GOD FLESH or even KMFDM, if they were a bit dirtier.  This is some true industrial that casually swings its weight in and out of noisescapes as deep as it can without losing its appeal. It’s all about the drums. I have a hard time with pure noise but throw in a cool beat and you got me. In the bio this one man band is referred to as industrial Doom and Drone Metal. Yea, that pretty much wraps it up. Be wary this gets really intense, to the point that I was scared it was going to give my friend more seizures.  The song “Set Flames” is proof of this intensity. A 10 minute long sound experiment into an angst filled mind. It finally calms down into a strange chanting breakdown, only to shove you right back into what sounds like screaming mental insanity. This album isn’t only heavy distorted industrial dirges overlapped with mind numbing bellowing. In example is the song “ Below and Above You” which has more of a mellower Gothic feel to it, all it does is make the more intense parts that much more earth shattering. You get into the sad sounding  vocals and light symbol hits just to be blasted away by the next track “ Ill Consuming”   The most amazing thing about this recording is the instruments. You have got to see the machinery that goes into making this band’s music. I think he is even inventing some sort of mask called a mute/ gait /dither.   It can manipulate the wearer’s voice without the use of computers. This guy has to be a freaking genius; here are some of the instruments he uses on this recording: bellows, linear actuator, rotary encoder, and rack and pinion. I think he makes his own speakers too. This down load is quit the ride for any industrial enthusiast.  (Attucks)                                                                                                        Seventh Rule Records

~ by thrashpunx on May 25, 2012.

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  1. that my friend, is sex music.

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