WAKE UP!!!! WITCHAVEN – Products of Imprisonment

This is mandatory viewing!  As a species we have been enslaved by the power elite.  The introduction to WITCHAVEN’s ‘Products of Imprisonment’ does a terrific job of summing this up.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video and…THINK.

Sadly some people are condemned with ignorance and the band felt they had to make this statement on their Facebook page.

We don’t like posting this video too much because every time we do, we always get someone making smart ass comments. We know we all have our own opinions, but all we ask is that you listen and try to understand the information that is being presented.. Do some research, and you will see that the information being put forth is not a fallacy.


My only criticism would be the voice in the video, I found it it a little annoying.  BUT dont let that deter you from watching this video!


~ by thrashpunx on May 24, 2012.

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