LAUGHING DOG…scared kitty?


Laughing Dog –Down with the Down 12”

The kings of New Mexico Grindcore are back. Once again they attempt melt your weaksauce face off with their new release Down with the Down. Yes, it’s called Down with the Down, meaning they are down as fuck, which is no lie.  These guys have been tearing it since the 90’s and have always been a treat to see live. You have got to see this drummer live, seriously! He will shit on your mind. On this full length release Laughing Dog offers up 12 songs of punk influenced Grind Core that will put blisters on your brain. L.D. is hard to compare to other bands because they only sound like Laughing Dog.  If you are from the South West then you are all too familiar with their aggressive sound and style. It’s all fast and all brutal all the time. There aren’t any stoner break downs to put you asleep, just pure energy blowing out of your speakers. They do get a bit on the techie side of grind once in a while but always back it up with some serious heavy raging riff you can groove out to. Their punk rawness crunches out of every song and commits auditory heresy upon you ear holes. The production of this recording is really good, and is complimented by a decent mix. I ‘m stoked to hear a killer recording come out of L.D. This release captures their dirty, crusty sound really well, especially when compared to some of their prior releases. Some of that old stuff gets a little muddy but this one comes through the nice and clear without being a polished turd. I really like the last song on the record, it’s a pounding dirge called Dead Horse. This track is slower but doesn’t lack the crushing guttural torment that is themed throughout the vinyl and it is also cool way to end a great grind record. This record is all sick, bud. If you are a fan of underground grind then you have to get this one for your collection and do yourself a favor and go see them live when they come through on tour. (Attucks)

Bad People Records

~ by thrashpunx on May 14, 2012.

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