CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE…due to the long name there is no room to write something clever



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C.T.T.T.O.F.F has progressed with every release and perhaps matured a bit. At first I was going say mellowed but the opposite is true in fact. This ten inch record boasts a more straight forward expenditure of distorted torment then their previous releases. What I noticed is they seem to have stripped off a bit of their techie side on this wax. Clinging replaces that loss with a more straight lined gloomy, grinding assault. I was kind of expecting a more tech feel to the overall flow but was pleasantly surprised by the rich grooves that were supplied instead. What Clinging does is delve more into the sludgy under belly of doom which is very apparent right off the bat as bellowing drums and distorted feedback start the rising cauldron of symphonic destruction.  Some of Visceral just charges straight into your face, like one of my favorite tracks Biracial. After a cursing tirade, Biracial surges forth with crusty appeal. Ethan barks and screams in fits of vocal madness as the flesh from his throat is torn asunder.  He manages to give some dynamics to the range of his vocal discharge. Adding an array higher pitched screams along with his lower bellied growls. As a lead singer he strays away from any mono-toned drudgery that tends to ruin a good grind band for me. I believe he is not only the lead singer but also the lead guitarist on this recording. They seem to have shrunk down to a trio but have only gained in sound. The liner notes, artistically, are killer. They are chaotic and evil as all hell just like the band. But strangely it does not fit into the record sleeve, it is too big. If you aren’t mad about it by the end of this record, then all you need to do is read the liner notes. They inform you to fuck off unless you are from a few chosen cities. Their home town of Denver doesn’t make the list, dang!(Attucks)


Prosthetic Records


11664 National Blvd. #413


Los Angeles, Ca.




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