MOMENTUM…Keeps on Keeping on…

MOMENTUM-Whetting Occam’s Razor 12”

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The first thing that I noticed about the album is the back cover art work because I have it tattooed on my side, under my ribs. To me, that is a plus because I know what that etching is. It is what Carl Sagan and Ann Druyen created to represent the human race and show our place in the solar system to aliens. It was placed on the Pioneer 10 and 11 and shot into space. Good, I am stoked that I am about to spin a record that has something intelligent to say. As I put the needle to the groove I am entranced by a real light guitar melody, which is accompanied by a bit of the man himself, Carl Sagan. I have to dig that because I have Carl Sagan tattooed on me as well and he does deliver the intellectual goods. I was delighted that Momentum delivers a great message as well, one that can never be reiterated too many times. That message is one of autonomy and a realization that we are all part of each other making us all part of the same planet, solar system and the stars beyond. And that we must change or suffer. This heavy socio- political message is layered atop melodic hardcore that cuts with a slight metallic edge. Pounding d-beat drums lead the charge but do not limit the sound. The drummer utilizes everything in his arsenal even busting out a couple of blast beats. Mixing that with the musicianship of the string section makes Whetting Occam’s Razor a very dynamic record. Crescendos that rise to head shattering levels just to be brought back down to very minimalized dirges that snap to a stop then thunder back in all at once. London’s Momentum does deliver a great message but it is almost impossible to get since the lyrics are printed microscopically in black ink on dark grey paper. It started to give me a headache and I sadly had to give up. But if you have the patience and a good light with a magnifying glass, it is worth checking out. There is a cool little blurb after each song that talks a little about the politics behind the jams. The mix is straight forward and lacks any muddiness that can come with such epic tuning and distorted walls of noise. All of the instruments translate well across this heavy piece of wax. And a thick piece of vinyl it is, maybe 180 grams. You can tell these guys are old pros and it turns out that they come from some other bands that have made quite a name for themselves such as Light Bearer and Fall of Efrafa. Actually this reminds me of Fall of Efrafa’s record Owsla a little.  If you’re having a political, melodic hardcore jones this will surly sate your appetite. (Attucks)

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