HONDURAN What the fuck is power-violence anyway…sub-sub-genres rule


HONDURAN – s/t 7”

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I will admit I guess I don’t really know what power-violence is.  Sometimes I think a band plays chaotic crust and I’ll be corrected and told they are power-violence.  Other times I think a band plays grind and again I am corrected and told they are power-violence.  My brother is telling me because of the time changes and slow parts its power-violence.

Who gives a fuck if it kicks ass…Isnt that what really counts?  To me these dudes sound like an insane mix of NEUROSIS, WATCH THEM DIE and NAPALM DEATH.  I think they are a crusty, grind band that kicks major booty.  They go in for the strike and get the job done.  None of this over the top, forever-building-over-dramatic-epic-post-hardcore-crust stuff I seem to be hearing so much of these days.  They are like a hit squad being sent into the jungles of Honduras to sneak up (the slow parts) and make the bloody fucking kill (the un-slow parts).  Word bitch!

The production is as thick as John Goodman’s left thigh.  Thick and fucking meaty.  Kinda of smelly even…  There’s a nice crusty fuzz to it and it sounds so warm.  Ahhhh, the wonders of vinyl.  With that, although the music is grade A brutal it is easy on the ears.

Badass record.  Just one of those records that you just keep flipping over and over because it rages so fricken’ hard.  Excellent. (JoshMosh)





~ by thrashpunx on April 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “HONDURAN What the fuck is power-violence anyway…sub-sub-genres rule”

  1. I gave up on trying to keep track of all the subgenres. I always was lead to believe that NINE SHOCKS TERROR were “powerviolence”. And then I heard that CEREMONY’s early stuff was “powerviolence”. I think I saw something where CHARLES BRONSON were referred to as “powerviolence”. So I don’t even know. It’s all just hardcore to me.
    Oh, and yeah, full on-HONDURAN tear it up. Thanks for posting.

  2. […] I reviewed the latest release from Portland’s Power Violent HONDURAN (read the review here).  That spinning piece of black wax was my introduction to the these elite hit squad of […]

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