NEWS ALERT!!!! ATU versus NEUROSIS…the gloves come off!

So Scott Kelly of NEUROSIS recently did a small tour spanning three east coast states and he did so in a Scion.  You can read about here.  I guess they loan cars to touring musicians or some shit.  A cool move on the car manufacturers part or corporate sponsorship?  Is Scott Kelly a spokesperson for a car company now?  Is this just weird?  APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT claims he sold the fuck out and had this to say about it:

“On behalf of the workers of the world. On behalf of the citizens of Myanmar whom have been beaten, murdered, and enslaved by the Junta. FUCK NEUROSIS ! FUCK SION. AND FUCK APATHY ON BEHALF OF THE PUNK SCEEN MOST OF ALL. If your representing scion your part of the problem – PERIOD.”

Check their FaceBook page for the full story:

What’s my point of view?  I love NEUROSIS, but I tend to agree with ATU on this one.  For some reason I thought that Scott was more grounded than that…

GHOUL wants pictures of you! That right splatterface, they want to see you on their FB wall:

“Welcome to all the new Numbskulls who have been liking this page. If you’ve come out to the shows, bought some merch and or got our new record, post a pic of the record spinning on your turn table, a pic of yourself in some Ghoul merch and or any splatter or injuries you got at our shows on to our wall!”

Check em’ out:

Long time Scandi-punx E.A.T.E.R are re-pressing the ‘Doomsday Troops’ 7”.  Great record!  If you don’t have it stay on the lookout and pick this little gem up!

Spike from DRI has been selling all kinds of stuff on Ebay trying to raise money to pay his medical bills.  Check some of it out and know whatever you buy is directly helping Spike out.  Spike is a cool motherfucker and he is lives in the US without medical coverage just like a lot of us.  It’s time to pull together and help out one of our own.  Go here

And in world new North Korea launched a long range missle and that douche bag Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged.

Later skater…

~ by thrashpunx on April 13, 2012.

One Response to “NEWS ALERT!!!! ATU versus NEUROSIS…the gloves come off!”

  1. The add makes me feel a little weird, but nothing to cry sellout over. Scion AV is doing a lot of good things for underground metal as far as I can see. They’ve done a few free eps with Immolation, Enslaved, The Melvins, and Wormrot lately and put on a free show with the best metal label out there, Profound Lore. Any company that puts on free shows with amazing bands like Agalloch, Yob, Loss etc is cool in my book. The bands are benefitting and the fans are getting awesome free shows so I’m not sure who is getting hurt.

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