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Hold on to your heads punks, cause this ones a RIPPER!  Swedish heavy hitters rolling out to do what they do best.

UNCURBED launch into a heavy and punishing track right away digging deep into their roots as Swedish dis-core vets and proving they are still indeed potent. I suppose I could wax on for a long time about this but it is simply in-your-face killer hardcore punk.  It has cool leads without being at all metal but has just enough of that Gothenburg sound to make it fucking awesome.

UNCURBED seem to have a thing for writing lyrics about the plight of the homeless with many of the songs here seeming to focus on the issue.  Its pretty obvious that they have a personal connection to this problem and that it is a real source of angst and frustration.  The vocals are totally urgent and unrelenting, and the songs are all forged with soul and passion.  All of this makes it all the more tragic cause I have heard that UNCURBED have decided to call it quits.  They had quite a run of it over the years and this will certainly stand as their testament.

The UNCURBED side finishes with a ASOCIAL cover that teeters on the edge of completely reckless chaos in perfect style.

WARVICTIMS have now been releasing great d-beat for at least the past 6 years and for me this is some of their finest material.  While it might not be the most unique hardcore punk, If you know WARVICTIMS at all you know what you are in for with this.  Powerful and tight with no slop at all.  Full throttle hardcore assault.  WARVICTIMS know what they like to do and they do it particularly well without muddying the waters with unnecessary elements, experimentation or filler.

This LP had an earlier european pressing back in 2010.  This is a limited U.S. reissue with 106 on clear blue and black marbled vinyl.  The LP comes with a lyric sheet too, and everybody knows I like that…(val)










~ by thrashpunx on April 11, 2012.

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