The Waste Win Back My Heart…



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I admit I have had a love/hate relationship with the kings of party-pizza thrash, MUNICIPAL WASTE.  I didn’t even buy the ‘Art of Partying’, I was already burned out and they were only few albums in.  However I did decided to give them another chance with ‘Massive Aggressive’ and was only mildly impressed.  They still seemed tired, lacking energy and focus but the album did have a couple of good tracks.  The other thing that really cheesed me was Ryan Waste’s ridiculous commentary during the “extras” of the ‘Get Thrashed’ documentary.  “This guy is a fucking tool” were my immediate thoughts, to this day I still can’t watch the “extras” for fear of my blood pressure getting all crazy again!

So when I heard they coming to Boulder I wasn’t really jumping up and down in excitement.  It was GHOUL who sealed the deal for me, I was there to see them.  With that in mind I thought that MUNICIPAL WASTE would at least be entertaining live and the show would be fun in general.  Some good friends and good tunes, who could ask for more?

MUNICIPAL WASTE fucking killed it!  I stayed on the floor fighting for my right to thrash through GHOUL and through MW’s entire set as well.  Hell, I even moshed holes into my sox and had to go to the Vans store the next day to get some new ones!  They were a nuclear ball of energy and played the tightest, most energetic set that I have seen a band deliver in quite some time.  Aside from some stupid “Boner City” jokes their delivery was dead fucking on!

While at the show I picked up ‘The Fatal Feast’ on vinyl.  I bought it before they played, again taking a gamble that it was going to be the record that resurrected my interest in the band.  And damn the man did it give me what I needed!  Hell the fuck yeah!

Musically the WASTE are on fire!  I think the time off really helped them to recharge the batteries and refocus on making some serious thrash-punk.  The energy they emitted in the live performance is captured better on this album than any of their previous releases.

Lyrically they are still stuck in the college-humor-beer-pounding-mosh pit-of-ridiculousness.  They certainly aren’t asking the listener to think, but that really isn’t the point of MW is it?  They are all about having fun and fun is had.  So much fun in fact that they are ‘Covered In Sick’ and told ‘You’re Cut Off’.

The title track takes their NUCLEAR ASSAULT worship to entire new level as this is a straight-up NUCLEAR ASSAULT song from the arrangement, to the tempo changes and even Tony’s vocal delivery.  The song kicks ass but it almost freakish in it’s resemblance to the New York thrash legends.

All in this record is a helluva good time and is meant to cranked to maximum decibels!  A solid release from these veteran beer bellied moshers.

Mine is on nuclear waste tinted geen/yellow vinyl and it even came with a poster of the sci-fi, comedic, gore laced cover.   I was really impressed to see that they released the album in so many formats and packages with T-shirts and even pop-up covers.  That’s how you get people to buy records!  It’s not that hard, just put some care into the packaging!  Downloads can never replace that!  UP THE SPEED METAL PUNX!  UP THE WASTE!  (Josh)


~ by thrashpunx on April 11, 2012.

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