Another major vinyl haul.  Reviews are coming on some of these as some are new releases and some are older.  Hell, might even reviews the older material too!

  1.  MUNICIPAL WASTE /  the Fatal Feast  LP – Picked up this LP last week at their show in Boulder with the mighty GHOUL and of course, GWAR.  It’s on radioactive green vinyl and this record fucking jams!  Review coming in the next 24 hours or so.
  2. THE MOB /  No Doves Fly Here 7” – I see this going for big bux on ebay but I was able to pick up thie 80’s Peace Punk classic for $25.   Score!
  3. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT  / Greenwashing  LP – Took advantage of the Profane Existence sale and picked up a few goodies!
  4. OILTANKER/NO TOMORROW / split LP – This was reviewed by Val on the ThrashPunx site a few days ago.  Another PE sale score.
  5. THE SYSTEM / Thought Control LP – Essentail 80’s Peace Punk released on Skuld.  Again, the PE sale ruled!
  6. VOMIT SLAUGHTER cassette – SAW THROAT inspired metallic punk.  Scored this last night, watch for a review…

This weekends soundtrack was brought to me by Ozzy era BLACK SABBATH, especially the unreleased tracks you can find on youtube like ‘The Rebel’.  AWESOME!


~ by thrashpunx on April 8, 2012.

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