We’re All Winners….


So the Punx got to work, they buried their faces in the pages of PROFANE EXISTENCE and poured through the content feverishly searching for the answers to the ThrashPunx  / PE record giveaway.  Blurry eyed (and now incredibly knowledgably of all things PE) they raced to type up the answers and get them sent over to THRASHPUNX while hoping to beat the mobs of record hungry punkers all on the same quest.  They fired off their emails, crossed their fingers and hoped that were fast enough to be the chosen one(s).

And so we have it…The announcement of the winners to the PROFANE EXISTENCE record giveway!  Drum roll please!…

EDUARDO CARILLO and DAVE HILLARD won these LPs: DRESDEN-Final Hour, IN DEFENCE-Party Lines and Politics, IN DEFENCE – Don’t Know How to Breakdance, IMPERIAL LEATHER – Do you Know Where Your Children Are?, POLICE BASTARD / WAR//PLAGUE split, WARCOLLAPSE – Defy, MASSMORD/SHADES OF GREY split.  Holy fuck that is a lot of wax!

DAVE SCHAFFER and CHRIS JENSON scored these fine rekkids;  APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT – Black Sands, DRESDEN – Extinguish the Cross, PE comp – Welcome to Minneapolis

JAY YOUNG and AISLIN MACPHAIL got themselves copies of these bitch’ ausio delights:  CLUSTERFUX – Problem/Reaction/Solution CD, and CLUSTERFUX – Abandon Your Gods LP

BRITTANY GREER won a copy of  the PROFANE EXISTENCE  comp – Welcome to Minneapolis 7”


Hell yeah!  Enjoy my friends.  Watch for the next big THRASHPUNX contest/giveaway!

Special thanks to PROFANE EXISTENCE for making this happen!




~ by thrashpunx on March 30, 2012.

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