Too Good 2 B True?


Okay you Punk Rock dirt bags!  Time to shake off the cobwebs and put on your thinking caps! Profane Existence and have teamed up for a giveaway of epic proportions!  PE is moving their warehouse and you get to reap the benefits.  They have a lot of shit to move and they are too lazy to do it.  So they want to give it away to a few lucky punx!  BUT!  You have to earn it!  Damn…Work…  Don’t sweat it homes, this is easy (sort of), hell one of the answers is even in this paragraph!  Answer the below questions correctly and you could win your punk ass a stack of PE releases!  That right!  Some kick ass records to boost the coolness of your meager record collection!

What they don’t give away here they are selling at hugely discounted prices.  Check it out now!  PE Moving SALE!!!

  • The first two winners who answer all of the questions correctly will win these LPs: DRESDEN-Final Hour, IN DEFENCE-Party Lines and Politics, IN DEFENCE – Don’t Know How to Breakdance, IMPERIAL LEATHER – Do you Know Where Your Children Are?, POLICE BASTARD / WAR//PLAGUE split, WARCOLLAPSE – Defy, MASSMORD/SHADES OF GREY split.  Holy fuck that is a lot of wax!
  • The second two winners who answers all of the question correctly will win these 7” records:  APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT – Black Sands, DRESDEN – Extinguish the Cross, PE comp – Welcome to Minneapolis
  • The fifth and sixth winners who answers all of the question correctly will win:  CLUSTERFUX – Problem/Reaction/Solution CD, and CLUSTERFUX – Abandon Your Gods LP
  • The 7th winner who answers all of the questions correctly will win:  PE comp – Welcome to Minneapolis 7”

Seven winners!  That is fucking insane!  But we punx are a sharing lot and so we are sharing all these bitchen’ records with you!

The answers can be found on,, and

RULES:  We’re punx.  Fuck rules!  Well…there are a few…1) If you write for or contribute to PE you cannot enter. 2)  If you write for ThrashPunx you cannot enter (damn).  3) If you are outside North America and you win you gotta split the shipping with me.  C’mon man…You know how much it’ll cost me to ship all those records?  Me either but I bet it’s more than $5.  Do we have a deal?  You can paypal me, we’ll work it out.

Email your answers to Include your first and last name, phone number and email address.  I’ll contact you for your shipping address.  Winners will be announced on the ThrashPunx FB page as I get them.

On your marks get set GO!

  1.  PROFANE EXISTENCE is a document of…?
  2. Where is PYROKLAST playing on May 7th?
  3. The SHAME are from what US city?
  4. DISRAPE covers what DISCHARGE song?
  5. What does Dave from the KRUM BUMS do for a living?
  6. Where did IN DEFENCE play on March 14th?
  7. On who did the MASSMORD//SHADES OF GREY review?
  8. mailing address is in what city and state?
  9. Why is PE having a big sale?
  10. How much does IN DEFENCE love pizza?
  11. What is the title of the latest ATU release?
  12. Who did the artwork for the DRESEDEN ‘Extinguish the cross’ 7”?
  13. How many hard copy magazines did PE publish?
  14. Name two PE columnists
  15. How many composts do Dawn and Jake have on their homestead?
  16. What did Josh Mosh confess to in a recent online post?

~ by thrashpunx on March 29, 2012.

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