This split features two melodic crusty hardcore bands from Sweden. Shades of Grey put out a demo some time back but here we have their first vinyl release. Their charging forward style seems like it would make for a great live performance. To be honest they look cool in their pictures on the liner notes, my kind of folks. Fucking raging punk rock, it just never seems to get old. For Massmord this is their sophomore effort. This five piece’s brand of hardcore punk will explode out of your speakers like angry red lava from an overdue volcano. Massmord’s 6 songs of down tuned melodic hardcore makes a perfect match with Shades of Grey’s energetic rage-fest. Actually they may match just a bit too closely. If there is one negative to this record, it is that they share too much. Sometimes, even after multiple listens, I find I have a hard time telling one side from another. Neither side is bad, just very similar. Both bands feature down tuned blasting guitars backed by thundering fast drums and blaring angst filled vocals that attack you with their violent intensity. The two bands feature melodic breakdowns that snap back with breakneck intensity accented by socio-political lyrics. Their similar sounds bring to mind bands like From Ashes Rise, Momentum, Tragedy, etc. The record cover art that Moa Holmin and Anna Ohrn did for this split is killer. Illustrations of piles of skulls, gears, gasmasks and a starving child standing in front of a chemical plant paint a glib picture of the future. If this style of punk is your jam, than this record is definitely for you. (Attucks)




~ by thrashpunx on March 29, 2012.

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