GOMORRAH….They should tour w/ SODOM

GOMORRAH – Thrashed Out of Hell CD

@@@ Anarchy @’s out 5

“WARNING – Contains Heavy Metal”   Hell yeah! That’s what the sticker on the cover says…These young thrashers  were at the Mouth House the other night opening for PDX metallers SPELLCASTER.  I’m pretty sure that at the show they were a 3 piece, on this disc they are a four piece.  I grabbed a copy of this disc up at Black N Read yesterday while I was up there for vinyl fix…Anyway…All the elements of a bitchen’ thrash band are here, but they are not all quite in the right place.   Live they killed it!  But some of that aggression and power is missing.  The mix is demo quality at best leaving me a little let down.  Live they were tight and fierce, but here the performance is a little loose.  I expect that since this CD is from some time last year that they have learned a lot about jamming together and it’s shining through in the live shows.  The singer/guitar player even did the whole set with this leather jacket on.  Fuck yeah!  Thrash of be thrashed buddy!  My point at the end of this rambling is that although this CD is not essential you should make a point to catch them live and also be on the lookout for a new CD in the near future.  If these young dudes stay focused on the metal they will be essential.  And essential is good.   (Josh Mosh)

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~ by thrashpunx on March 27, 2012.

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