Ancient Obliteration – A Menacing Reality C.D.

Ancient Obliteration – A Menacing Reality C.D.

@@@ – 3 out 5 @narchy @’s

After many lineup changes and a few years of raging metal madness under their belts, these Canadian head bangers give us their new release “A Menacing Reality.” Ancient Obliteration’s old school style reminds me a lot of the early metal that was at the forefront of the Thrash Metal scene. Right when the big 4 were just starting to blow every metal head’s mind away. Whether by accident or not, Ancient Obliteration has that old school sound and owns it through every track of the disc. Even the record cover, with the smoking tendrils leaking out of the city and up into the sky reminds me of some old thrash record artwork that looks like something someone’s uncle or high school buddy painted. When trying to describe A.O., I have to say that I keep coming back to Hell Hammer mixed with Carnivore. They employ plenty of chugging riffs, double bass and over all evil in all the tracks with an occasional solo thrown in for good measure. Not all of it is heavy though, they do experiment with some mellower breakdowns and some cool melodic parts as well some blast beats. The vocals are low pitch agonizing yells that reduce themselves down into painful moans. You can hear the multitude of different metal influences throughout this bad boy, touching on many different genres of Metal. Along with the different influences there is also a touch of weird to this disc. Well maybe more than just a touch but that adds to the overall originality. I have to be honest, it’s a little sloppy and the music production is lacking. For me that lack of polish, amongst other things, is what makes me like this disc! I feel with some decent production this disc would be a lot better and a little less silly. I would really like to hear these guys after maybe 2 more records because I believe they are on the right path just need a little more time. Over all I do enjoy the disc but a funny thing happens every time I play it, someone is like “what the fuck is this.” A.O. is definitely not background music. If these guys would have been around in the 80’s, one of these songs surely would have made it onto an old Metal Massacre comp. or something. ( Attucks)

~ by thrashpunx on March 26, 2012.

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