About ThrashPunx

ThrashPunx is aimed at the punk/crust community but of course we love our metal and a variety of other things as well.  The site is dedicated to the DIY scene in the spirit of sharing and communicating…Cooperation, not Competition.

Our staff writers include veterans with 20+ years involved in the DIY scene and have played in many bands over the years (still do) as well as have done print zines, written for other magazines and just about anything else connected to the punk and metal communities.

As this grows and expands we hope to cover a lot more than just music but also explore the ideas that really help bind a community.  By this I mean anything really…DIY tips for around the home, gardening, environmentally friendly topics, homeopathic tips, recipes, and just about anything else that we may think of.  Why not?

Staff Writers:

Val –

Attucks – Named so at birth, is a musician, editor of a cut and paste zine No Scratch, vegetarian, stoner, atheist, anarchist, and middle aged punker who loves all kinds of music, art and other social and political endeavors

Josh Mosh – Profane Existence columnist, bass player, part-time promoter, Denver Pyrate Punx Captain, father of 2…Wrote for some other print magazines back in the early 2000’s, many zines, veg head, music lover, etc…

~ by thrashpunx on March 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “About ThrashPunx”

  1. I love this easy to use Thrash Punx Blog. I will definitely feature it on my punk resources blog and will be glad to visit it again, thanks!


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